Entry #2

random music-video collab underway :D

2007-09-03 17:08:56 by mr-womble

update: fixed the links and changed them a little, and i changed the list of people invovled.

ive had to type this twice now by accident, so im keeping it nice and short this time :P righty, well its a random music-video (such as artificial high) hopfully it'll end up really great :D

the people in it are, me, pillowbasher, toasterdemon, ronaldraven, doomshock, zorg-o, kamize (not for long tho unless he gets in contact with us) and junkycow :D hope ive not forgotten anyone :P we unfortunatly already lost liftyourskinnyfists and zwickel.... and really unfortunatly kamize might be joining them soon :( update: kamize is now in for sure, spacewalk and thatsmrlazy have joined aswell.

the song is "dont ask me" by "ok go", hope people like the song. since i cant think of anything else to say so im just gonna go straight onto how my parts are goin so far :D

my part 20 so far
wierd eye animation
fingers walking

hope you like the starts to my parts :D all of the other animators or either as good or better than me so i hope the final thing turns out well :D hope the occasional viewer of this is looking forward to it, i'd love to hear from either those of you who like wat youve heard and seen so far, or from those of you who hav improvements on wat we should do :D

crap, almost forgot the main reason i want this on the front page :P we're still struggling to think of a name, we hav a few ideas but nothing certain yet so please suggest any ideas you hav for a name :D

thanks :D


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2007-09-03 17:22:06

lawl you smell XD no collabs for me you silly mofo

mr-womble responds:

lol, well thats the last time i post anything on the front page :P


2007-09-16 10:36:14

Wow, nice lip syncing. Thats one of the things im trying to work on. The other is Expressions on faces. The eye one is very smooth and crisp. But the top of the fingers where the opening to the whole hand comes in changes size, ahh well as you said its unfinished, eh? Good l

mr-womble responds:

yeah, wasnt really very pleased with the fingers walking probly not gonna use them for anything. thanks for the lip-synching, i spend quite a while wen doin lip-synching.


2007-09-16 10:36:49

Crap I meant to say good luck......so good luck!


2007-09-30 16:40:40


mr-womble responds:

yo :3


2008-01-25 22:08:52

you are the best at fbf lypsynching :3

mr-womble responds:

thanks :D


2008-02-24 15:07:04


mr-womble responds:



2008-06-12 19:36:07

um...the review on Dance Of Distraction supposed to be on 30 hour challenge yeah


2009-07-08 12:03:51



2009-07-09 21:03:22

Is there anyone for part 16 yet? I would like to make that part :)


2010-06-22 02:36:52

im in for sure if my parts still up but si there a forum thread for this?
what about specs? I just really want to have a go at this.